Ensuring the safety and security of students and valuable assets within educational institutions is a top priority. In line with this, GOV.UK offer guidance on crime prevention in schools, highlighting the effectiveness of anti-tamper stickers. This article explores the significance of anti-tamper stickers in securing schools and sheds light on the popularity of these measures in UK educational institutions.

The Role of Anti-Tamper Stickers: Anti-tamper stickers, also known as tamper-evident stickers or ultra-destruct labels, play a crucial role in deterring theft and unauthorized removal of valuable equipment. The guidance emphasises the use of specially printed anti-tamper stickers, marked with an asset number and the school’s name, to be affixed to the outer casing of all equipment.

Why Anti-Tamper Stickers? One key feature that makes anti-tamper stickers a preferred choice for schools is their resistance to removal. Attempts to remove these stickers result in them shattering, providing clear evidence of tampering. This not only indicates a breach but also renders the label useless, preventing its transfer to another asset.

Ordering Process and Popularity

These school asset anti-tamper stickers are readily available for online purchase, making them accessible to schools across the UK. Many educational institutions have already integrated these security measures into their infrastructure, recognising the importance of safeguarding their valuable assets.

Asset Tracking Systems

To enhance the effectiveness of anti-tamper stickers, schools can link them to asset-tracking systems like Assettrac. This integration allows for the recording and monitoring of expensive assets, providing an added layer of security and accountability.

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In an era where school security is of utmost importance, anti-tamper stickers emerge as a practical and effective solution. With their proven track record in deterring theft and unauthorized removal, these stickers, coupled with the services of reputable suppliers like Custom Labels Ltd, contribute to creating a safer learning environment for students and protecting valuable school assets.