Over the past almost three decades, Custom Labels Ltd has been a trusted supplier of asset labels to more than a thousand educational institutions, including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, academies, colleges, and universities. We’ve also assisted youth groups, clubs, and societies, in addition to government authorities such as councils. Our asset labels are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of items, from computers, laptops, iPads, and projectors to books, sporting equipment, and musical instruments. These labels play a crucial role in managing and safeguarding the significant investments made by educational establishments.

In today’s challenging economic climate, educational institutions face ever-tightening budgets. Effective asset management is essential to ensure that equipment is easily traceable and to deter theft and damage to valuable property. Furthermore, strict guidelines from governing bodies necessitate compliance, and asset labeling assists in meeting auditing requirements.

Our tamper-resistant Ultra-Destruct Vinyl has consistently been the top choice for educational institutions. Once applied to a surface, these labels become virtually impossible to remove in a single attempt, breaking apart under any tampering attempt. This durability acts as a strong deterrent against theft and unauthorized asset relocation, especially when the items may contain sensitive information.

For those seeking specialized asset labeling solutions for educational establishments, we’ve dedicated an entire website to address your needs at www.assetlabelsforschools.co.uk. Our user-friendly “design your own” feature has garnered praise from many satisfied customers. This tool offers three standard label sizes: mini (30mm x 15mm), midi (40mm x 20mm), and maxi (50mm x 20mm). Orders from educational institutions automatically qualify for a net 30-day payment term account.

Should your requirements extend beyond the standard offerings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. We can produce asset labels in any size, shape, or colour, incorporating sequential information like barcodes or QR/data matrix codes. What’s more, the average lead time for custom labels is a mere 3-5 working days, and we offer complimentary fully customized samples within one working day. Your asset labeling needs are in capable hands with Custom Labels Ltd.