There is a new colourful type of barcode technology, which has been created by a Spanish company called NaviLens, which are based in Murcia. The code has already been used in various transportation applications across the world. Examples of this are; on the New York Subway system, in Heathrow Airport, and in many public transport systems/museums across Spain itself.

It can be very challenging for a visually impaired person to scan a normal black and white QR Code/barcode sufficiently. This is because it takes a high level of dexterity and the user has to be very close to the code to be able to scan it successfully. The new colourful QR Code can be scanned from as much as three metres away, even in poor lighting conditions. This makes it a lot more accessible for visually impaired people to use.

This type of code has been trialled on Kellogg’s breakfast cereal packaging. The thought/aim is for the codes to be used on all packaging in supermarkets to make supermarket shopping more accessible for visually impaired people on their own. St. Vincent’s School in Liverpool is a specialist school for sensory impairment; their students have been taking part in the trial with Kellogg’s. One of their students Beth Fowler said ‘I generally don’t go shopping anymore because I can’t do it without any kind of help’.

This trial and St. Vincent’s students’ comments show the importance of the new technology in everyday life. According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), only 10% of blind people actually read Braille, so this could be a vitally important innovation moving forward. Kellogg’s are rolling this out on all of their packaging, starting with Special K in January.

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