Tagging your computer equipment with security labels protects valuable assets and can keep your accounting on track too.

Although the price of computers and peripherals keeps coming down, their value is just as much, if not more, in the work you can do with them.

Imagine the lost opportunities if your organisation suddenly can’t use the laptops, PCs, servers or printers that are vital for a modern business. These days even tablets are worth protecting as they allow you to quickly get into conversations on social media, anywhere, any time, that can lead to lucrative business.

Tagging equipment with security labels cuts risk dramatically and you can get yours quickly and easily from Custom Labels Ltd.

Security labels

These labels are hard to remove and tamper-evident – displaying the word ‘VOID’ or ‘OPENED’ if someone tries to remove them.

Placed across access panels and covers they’ll identify equipment that’s been tampered with. This acts as a deterrent to theft or damage, as well as making it easier to identify your equipment if it’s been recovered.

Kit that’s been tampered with can also cause problems with warranties and maintenance contracts, leaving you high and dry if something goes wrong and you need it fixed fast.

Keeping track

Barcoded or QR coded security labels from Custom Labels Ltd help you keep track of equipment and make it easier to check everything’s as it should be.

As well as acting as another deterrent to theft, the codes on the labels make it easy to create and maintain an accurate asset register.

Stories abound of companies paying maintenance charges or insurance premiums on expensive equipment that was replaced years ago. Keeping an accurate asset register means you can claim the maximum tax relief on equipment as it’s written down.

The price of quality labels is so small in comparison to these costs that they’ll pay back almost intermediately.

Can you afford not protect your computer equipment? Contact us today.