Providing asset tracking labels and tags with customisation for challenging environments, and visual appearance while ensuring durability is crucial. One versatile solution that meets these requirements is under-surface printing an innovative technique that involves printing on the underside of a substrate’s surface.

The Power of Under-Surface Printing

Under-surface printing, when paired with the right material choices, provides comprehensive protection against abrasion, oils, greases, and solvents. The incorporation of UV inhibitors further extends product life, making it ideal for outdoor or high UV-exposure applications.

Applications Across Industries

This printing method finds applications across various industries, including control panels, overlays, automotive components under the bonnet, industrial equipment, major appliances, electrical boxes, and safety/hazard signage. Its popularity extends to aerospace and military manufacturing due to its exceptional durability.

Customisation Options

Under-surface printing offers flexibility in design, allowing the incorporation of clear or tinted windows into label or tag layouts. These windows serve multiple purposes, such as displaying functions on instruments or indicator lights. Additionally, hidden or secret information windows can be integrated, revealing backlit information only in specific circumstances, such as emergencies.

Versatile Colour Options

Our under-surface printing capabilities extend to a wide spectrum of colours, including Pantone, Ral, BS, and other colour charts. We can precisely match any colour sample provided by customers, utilising a Spectrometer to recreate the colour temperature under which the finished labels are likely to be viewed.

Shape Customisation and Adhesive Expertise

During the under-surface printing process, labels can be die-cut into almost any shape, offering endless customisation possibilities. Our high-performance adhesives, available in varying strengths, cater to diverse label applications. Our experienced sales team is always ready to provide expert advice on selecting the most suitable adhesive for your specific needs.

In conclusion, under-surface printing emerges as a go-to solution for labels and tags in challenging environments, seamlessly blending visual appeal with unmatched durability. Explore the diverse customisation options and applications offered by this cutting-edge printing technique to elevate your product labelling to new heights.