With a strong environmental push towards alternative greener materials, Hemp is now being looked at as an alternative to tree pulp material for paper and plastic production. The benefits of switching to Hemp paper production are evident. However, there are a number of obstacles before the switch can be made. These include the prohibition of the plant across the world with many countries only allowing the growth of the plant to farmers with strict guidelines that need to be upheld and although Hemp is easier and quicker to produce, alternative machinery is required to process it.

Hemp benefits

According to a recent study by National Geographic, an area the size of Panama is cut down every year. It is calculated that, over a 20-year cycle, one acre of Hemp can be produce as much paper as 4-10 acres of trees.

Another positive is that unlike paper Hemp can be recycled up to seven times due to the plant’s fibres being 5 times the length of traditional pulp paper, making more use of less plant material.

VDF Adhesive Specialist

Custom Labels are always striving to improve our green credentials and keenly track any waste materials produced in our production methods. VDF a German adhesive materials specialist has recently produced a label stock made entirely from hemp fibre. The hemp paper stock is 120 g/m2  consists of pure European hemp fibre that offers a soft feel with excellent printability and improved wastepaper cycle.

The company coats the Hemp paper with a strong UV resistant adhesive. A VPF spokesperson stated: “Because of the strong final adhesion, the material can also be reliably bonded to almost all more difficult substrates despite the relatively high grammage of 120 g/m”.

A VPF spokesperson stated:

Custom Labels provide a range of asset labelling solutions using the latest technology, our digital labels are UV resistant and can be laminated or ‘under surface’ printed. This provides a durable, waterproof label that will withstand abrasion and cleaning. These labels can have barcodes, company logos and be any size, or shape and colour!

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