A new scheme plans to upgrade the old and inefficient heat networks in England and Wales helping to reduce emissions and household bills.

The upgrades will affect 100,000 homes and will reduce their energy use with heating network companies able to apply for funding from the 7th of February. In some cases, the heating network has not been upgraded for over 40 years.

The 32 million cash boost will provide cheaper energy and help to reduce carbon emissions using upgraded pumps, pipe insulation, and underfloor heating controls. A new monitoring system will also check systems are performing correctly.

The upgrades will also help to prevent breakdowns in the aging network where customers can be left without heat and hot water.

Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan said:

“This £32 million boost will provide thousands of homes in England and Wales with cheaper, greener energy through upgrades these heat networks desperately need.

We’re investing in new heat networks, but it’s just as important to maintain and refurbish existing systems to ensure all customers can benefit from reduced energy use and household bills.

Heat network operators, such as universities, NHS Trusts, and charities, will be able to bid for funding from today by requesting an application form from delivery partner Gemserv.

Heat networks offer carbon emissions savings by supplying heat to buildings from a central source, avoiding the need for households and workplaces to rely on individual, energy-intensive heating solutions – such as gas boilers. As such, heat networks provide a significant contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction commitment.”

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