What should you look for when you’re looking to identify a cable product? There are several pieces of information that will be shown on a cable label to help you with identification. These include:

  • A manufacturer’s name shown as a company logo or name printed onto the outer cover of the cable itself
  • A standards number which will show the relevant local, British, or international standard that the cable conforms to one of the standards below.
  • A harmonised cable marking, shown as a HAR mark demonstrating the inclusion of the pan-European scheme representing harmonised European standards of cable certification
  • Third party approval mark that confirms the testing and certification provider’s company name or logo printed or embossed on the cable and displayed on the cable drum and packaging
  • A voltage rating which refers to the maximum voltage of which a cable may be connected as per the British Standard requirement of 600/1000V
  • The Construction Product Regulation rating is a mandatory requirement which applies to all cable products used within Europe. The CPR rating should be displayed either on the cable itself, or on the packaging label of the cable product
  • The UKCA is a new UK product marking. The new marking replaces the previously required CE marking previously used in while the UK was still in the EU single market. The CE marking still applies to products available within the European market.
  • “It is not a requirement for UKCA and CE marking to be applied to the cable product. The relevant UKCA or CE marking must be included within packaging labelling and DoP documentation.”

At Custom Labels we make it easy. Our cable labels are flexible to design and simple to apply. They can include any information you require. The clear ‘tail’ wraps around the label to provide a durable long term solution to cable identification.

Our ‘Design your own cable label’ page provides a standard format for the most common label designs, more complex designs or different sizes can be quoted separately. Information can also be hand written onto the label using a permanent marker and then sealed under the clear vinyl (useful for test or calibration labels).

Easy Identification
Make your job simpler and safer by being able to recognise your cables at a glance due to the cable identification label. Many of our customers colour-code the cables to enable them to be packed away with other labels of the same type/length. Cable labels can include a clear logo, contact information, bar code, or any other useful information.