At Custom Labels Ltd, we offer customisable hard-hat labels tailored to your specifications. This means they can be sized according to your needs and crafted into any shape of your choice—our popular options being rectangular and circular. Additionally, we provide full-colour printing, allowing you to incorporate logos and achieve precise colour matching in the design at no extra charge.


Our customisation extends to sequential information, which could include sequential numbers (e.g., 0001–1000), barcodes in formats like code-39 or code-128, and QR codes featuring asset numbers or links to external websites/databases. We also possess expertise in utilizing data-matrix codes and can include them upon request. However, many hard-hat labels often feature only the company’s logo without sequential information.

The standout feature of our hard-hat labels is the exclusive use of water-based adhesives instead of acrylic adhesives. Unlike acrylic adhesives, which can compromise the durability of hard-hats over time, our water-based adhesives ensure the safety of your employees and mitigate potential insurance implications. We categorically avoid using acrylic adhesives on hard-hats, and it’s crucial to verify this aspect, as some competitors may pose a risk to your business by employing acrylic adhesives.

Online Ordering

Our website offers a convenient design-your-own feature, facilitating the easy creation and purchase of your hard-hat labels. These labels come in either a white or clear base material, providing the desired visual effect. We have separate design pages for circular and rectangular hard-hat labels. If your specifications are not covered on these pages, feel free to contact us directly, as we can produce labels in any size, design, or shape you require.

Custom Labels have supplied various hard-hat labels for different aspects of the Hinkley Point C project, collaborating with companies like Socea Denys. This collaboration is part of our ongoing partnership as a Tier 2 supplier to the project through ARC-UK.