In January 2021, UKAS announced that it was rebranding and changing its website and logo. This rebrand includes changing the accreditation logos its clients use.

Why has UKAS decided to rebrand?

As the UK’s only National Accreditation Body, UKAS is driven by a clear purpose to assess and accredit organisations such as testing and calibration laboratories, inspection and certification bodies with internationally agreed standards.

To continue to support the high-quality standard of this work, it is important to have a clear and consistent brand that is representative of the values and objectives of the organisation. As UKAS works towards a future where everything that should be accredited is accredited, the brand needs to reflect the diversity of what they do in a manner that showcases UKAS as a modern, international, and forward-thinking organisation.

“The messaging and visuals portray positivity and aim to establish clarity about what accreditation is, its benefits, and what it means to people. The new branding has been carefully chosen to support the values and aims of UKAS as a world-leading, globally competitive Accreditation Body.” UKAS

How long do UKAS customers have to transition to the new accreditation logos?

Digital Materials – 1 year from launch (1 February 2022)

Printed Materials – 2 years from launch (1 February 2023)

Certificates – 3 years from launch (1 February 2024)

During this transition period both the old and new versions of the symbols will be found in the marketplace, and these should be regarded as having equal validity during this time.

UKAS has stated that they are aware that this may be challenging for some bodies and, although the deadlines are now published in the Government document, they will make allowances as long as the certification body can show that it has an action plan that details the completion of the transition.

As a minimum UKAS will expect all certificates to have been transitioned within 6 months of the specified deadline.

At Custom Labels we produce labelling solutions for a number of test and calibration sector companies and bodies. We’re currently beginning to receive a number of requests for existing labels that require the new UKAS accreditation logos. Our UK-based facilities provide a variety of printing options from digital printing, to hot foiling processes and roll-to-roll digital printing.

These processes allow us to print premium quality labels that best suit their intended use and can help bring economy of scale, but all offer a durable finished product that will last for years. If you require any UKAS-accredited label solutions or would like to speak to one of our sales teams to find the best printing solution for your label needs then please contact us on 01278 433800 or email sales@customlabels.co.uk.