About the business

Custom Labels Ltd was established in Bridgwater, Somerset UK in 1997. Over 23 years the objective has remained the same: ‘To manufacture good quality custom-printed labels for every customer at a competitive price.’

The company has gone from strength to strength, building on its reputation for excellent service, quality and value for money. Every customer and every order, large or small, remains important.

Today, Custom Labels Ltd leads the way, and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading label printing companies. It supplies the UK government, education, hospitals, defence, retail, hospitality, energy and thousands of private manufacturing businesses and service industries. Labels are sent worldwide.


During the pandemic, the business scaled down and made changes to keep the workforce safe. These changes allowed the business to remain open for essential orders.

The flexibility, willingness and experience of the staff, the ability to design in-house, the previous investment in printing technology and the ability to manufacture from scratch meant that Custom Labels Ltd was well placed to receive orders throughout a challenging time.

The business saw a sharp rise in demand for asset labels. Custom Labels Ltd print asset labels with barcodes and QR codes daily so this was no problem. Asset labels were required to attach to every piece of equipment that needed to be tracked so that they could be returned to their original location at the end of the pandemic. Two examples of this were the mass purchasing of new tablets for home-schooling in education and new medical equipment being purchased for field hospitals.

The NHS and ambulance service were placing orders on a daily basis. As well as asset labelling, requests for infection control labels, hazard and warning labels increased. The biggest requirements were for the trauma care labels. These large disposable labels affix to scrubs and disposable gowns and are a quick way to identify staff members in a hospital setting. These are particularly useful when face coverings and PPE are being used.

Back to Work Safely

Demand for labelling has stayed high following the end of the UK Lockdown. Adhesive labels are a quick way to ensure that every business can alert its staff to the rules of social distancing and other workplace safety rules. The graphic design team can easily create labels and stickers of any size, colour and quantity. Labels are available for both internal and external usage.
The ‘Back to Work’ safety helmet labels have been best-sellers. Custom Labels use a special formula to create helmet labels, meaning that the label will not damage the helmet upon removal. This feature makes the labels ideal for shorter-term use and charity campaigns. ‘No-residue’ window stickers are now available in any size, colour and text.

If you require a customised quotation, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01278 433800 or alternatively via sales@customlabels.co.uk. You can also visit our shop to see all our various labelling options.