With highstreet shops re-opening on Monday 15th June after a 3-month lockdown. Many shops saw shoppers’ cue for more than an hour which was certainly helped by the favourable weather.

All shops in England have now been allowed to open but must uphold strict social distancing measures. Some of the safety measures include plastic screens at tills, floor label stickers which mark 2m social distancing and one-way systems. Shoppers are also provided with hand sanitisers, advised to pay via contactless methods where possible and signs that plea not to touch items unless you are thinking about buying them.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has commissioned a review into two-metre distancing, saying there was “margin for manoeuvre” as the number of coronavirus cases falls.

The government have been under pressure from the retail sector to loosen the guidelines to 1 metre allowing customers to return to shops, cafes, and bars in larger numbers.

If you

re a retail business owner that is in the process of readying your store for reopening then our Covid-19 label range can clearly communicate social distancing rules/correct behaviours during the current global pandemic. Suitable for use on various substrates and in a wide range of industries/environments.

We have the ability to print any size or design, so we can cater

for any requirement that you may have for these types of applications. For example, social distancing can simply be communicated by using our ‘2 metre minimum distance’ labels shown above.

Our non-slip floor label is constructed from a Hi-Tack vinyl with a strong and permanent adhesive. The

label process is finished with a non-slip durable lamination and can even be applied to short fibre carpets. We have an extensive library of warning, safety and hazard labels to choose from but our in-house design team can also design any bespoke label to meet your requirements.

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