How do you show that your packaging remains sealed through its shipping process? How can you prove that your packages have been opened?

These are questions that businesses have to ask themselves, particularly if they are shipping valuable goods. The end user expects to receive the goods in the condition that they left the seller. Label seals add an extra level of security.

This small circle void sticker leaves the words VOID behind when sticker is removed to indicate tampering. Our box seal labels can be custom printed in a range of colours and sizes. We can add your choice of text and artwork or logo.

Box seals are becoming more and more popular with the increased use of online shops and businesses selling through auction sites such as ebay.

A warranty void sticker will show that tampering has been attempted or has taken place.

The seal can be sealed down by the seller and photographed before posting. The buyer can then check the seal is intact before opening.

Box Seals add an extra level of security when selling through online shops such as eBay[/caption]

Security Seal Labels protect the goods and show proof of opening.

We print security seal labels for the motor industry to use as numbered tamper-evident label for boxes. The boxes contain high specification parts for performance engines. The contents require traceability via the sequential number and show tamper-evidence when the boxes are opened.

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Our online shop with a ‘design your own tamper proof label’ facility is very popular.

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