Custom Labels Ltd is one of the leading manufactures of printed labels in the U.K. For over 20 years they have directly supplied labels to many government sectors, including, Education, Defence, Energy, Security, and Health.

It is now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, that demand for medical and hospital labelling is at a peak. Custom Labels Ltd have taken steps to remain operational to ensure that the NHS, health care, the police and ambulance services can order and receive labels and stickers without delay.

At a time when medical equipment is being purchased and loaned, asset labeling is needed to track these valuable goods to locate them and relocate them as necessary. Asset labels need to be attached to everything from ventilators to beds. These labels need to be strong and reliable and must cope with the rigors of hospital cleaning.

Hazard and warning stickers are also in demand. They are being custom printed for use in and around buildings plus special hard hat labels have been supplied, stating the importance of social distancing.

The largest increase in demand has been for identification labels for use in ICU. These large, bright, disposable stickers are self-adhesive and stick easily and quickly to the front of a disposable protective gown or apron. This instantly makes each member of a hospital trauma team, or ICU team, easy to spot at a glance.

Hospitals are also purchasing these labels as a quick way to identify different staff members throughout the hospital, at a time when masks, visors, and aprons are making identification difficult. Details, such as the name of the hospital trust, the department and a blank area left for a name can easily be custom added.

Custom Labels Ltd specialises in the custom- printing of a wide variety of labels and has proved that, as a business, it can adapt quickly to the needs of every customer.