Asset Labels, tags or stickers are used to identify and trace equipment in a wide range of organisations. From international companies to primary schools, asset labels are used every day.

What does an asset label need?

A quality asset tag will have a clear unique identification number, possibly with a barcode or QR code for easy scannable data entry. This will then be its individual asset identification number that is used in a database or on a spreadsheet where further information can be stored.

Other items that can be included on your asset label are a company logo, contact number or postcode.

What makes a great asset label?  –  Why our labels meet these requirements.

First of all, the label needs to stick!   Custom Labels offer a range of adhesives to meet all needs, with samples of your label available to test.

The asset tag needs to be durable/tough!   Our labels are UV resistant and can be laminated or under surface printed for the ultimate durability.

Unique Number – No Duplication!   By keeping detailed information up to date and stringent checking, the customer’s serial number history is kept accurate.

The right asset label for the job!   Every application has its own requirements, being a tamperproof asset sticker for schools or a highly durable saltwater resistant asset tag for sea-ports Custom Labels have the one for you.

Due to the work involved in tracking down and identifying equipment and then recording all the data required before you actually apply the label, it is important that you know the asset label is going to stay stuck and remain readable for the life of the equipment.

Custom Labels Ltd has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing asset labels, tags, and stickers and have supplied them to companies and organisations all over the world.

Request a free sample of your asset label to test today!