Metallised labels are labels can be produced from metal or aluminium foil and applied to a product to provide information related to the product. Polypropylene and polyester labels with a Metallised finish are self-adhesive and are also known as Metallised labels. These labels are waterproof, chemical resistant and resistant to oils, sunlight, abrasion and tearing. This property makes them suitable for applying to many products including asset, warranty, test and calibration, cable, hard hats and many more.

Metallised labels can create a brushed, matte or gloss foil look and are more cost-effective alternative to hot and cold foil stamping. Polyester Metallised labels with matte finish can tolerate high temperatures and bonds well into variety of surfaces.

The demand for Metallised labels has increased in certain markets such as automotive, electronics, medical devices, government and aerospace owing to the demand for hard wearing end-product and its easy application properties. Foil Metallised labels with acrylic adhesive are a great alternative to traditional plate Metallised labels. The demand for Metallised labels is increasing owing to the increased applications in bar code tracking, track & trace, thermal transfer labels, brand & information labels, warning and surface protection labels.

Tags can be sterilized and are used for identification purposes such as asset identification tags, as part of an asset management database. This important component of asset tracking enables organizations to accurately monitor moving assets. Increased use of Metallised labels in asset tracking applications is expected to drive the global Metallised labels market. These labels are printed using anodizing technology that allows images of any type to be printed from a software to aluminium or steel labels.

Custom Labels offer several Metallised polyester label and tag options combined with a choice of three high performing adhesives, which provides durability in harsh environments.

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