Fully Customisable Calibration Labels

At Custom Labels Ltd we have over 20 years of experience in producing customised calibration/PAT testing labels. These are required by electrical testing companies and for any business wishing to regulate accuracy and quality in production. They can be used on various items such as machinery/instruments, meters/analysers, tools, and other handheld devices. A few functions that may be measured include temperature, force/pressure and torque; along with electrical/dimensional evaluation.

It is vital that machinery and equipment are calibrated on a regular basis. If this does not happen then readings can become highly inaccurate and national/international standards could not be met. If this were to be the case, then there is the potential that all products produced since the last calibration would need to be recalled. This could prove costly to your business’s finances, and damaging to your reputation.

We offer fully customised calibration labels, including full-colour logos and sequential numbering/bar coding/QR coding as standard. The label would usually feature a ‘mark & seal’ flap, this enables the user to add variable information to the label before sealing for a full lamination. Also known as a ‘write and seal’ feature, this makes the label resistant to water, chemicals and abrasion.

We also offer tamper seals which are used on electrical equipment such as mobile phones and computers to prevent false warranty claims. These are available in tamper-evident VOID Polyester; this will leave a VOID print when removed. They are also available in tamper-resistant Ultra-Destruct Vinyl which is impossible to remove in one attempt, the label will fragment under a fingernail if a pick is attempted. Our warranty labels can also include any sequential information, full-colour logos and text, as standard.

Customise Your Calibration Labels:

Your calibration label can also include any sequential information/bar coding/QR coding, text, logo or colour, making it a great promotional tool. We also offer flexible print runs at efficient prices, enabling us to cater for businesses small-large. The average lead time for this type of label is only 3-5 working days and we can offer fully customised samples free of charge in just one working day!

For an quotation or for free samples contact us at www.customlabels.co.uk/contact or speak to one of our sales team on 01278 433800