Veolia is embarking on an ambitious journey towards sustainable energy solutions with the launch of a groundbreaking feasibility study. This study precedes a pioneering pilot project aimed at capturing carbon emissions from the combustion of non-recyclable biogenic waste in UK energy recovery facilities (ERFs).

The initiative is strategically designed to transform captured carbon dioxide into green fuels through a meticulous process of extraction and purification. Spearheaded by Veolia’s in-house design teams, the system harnesses Advanced Amine technologies to effectively capture carbon emissions, predominantly sourced from the incineration of non-recyclable biogenic waste—a significant contributor to the carbon footprint.

The captured biogenic carbon dioxide holds immense potential, as it can be seamlessly integrated with green hydrogen to yield a spectrum of eco-friendly fuels, including eMethanol and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Veolia envisions a future where these innovations drastically reduce the carbon intensity of essential sectors like shipping and air travel.

Anticipated outcomes of the Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) implementation project include substantial carbon savings exceeding 100,000 tonnes annually across Veolia’s ERFs in the UK. Moreover, by integrating CCUS technology into existing energy recovery sites, Veolia aims to achieve near-zero or negative CO2 emissions during power generation—a remarkable feat in the pursuit of sustainability.

The Advanced Amine Carbon Capture process unfolds across four pivotal stages. Initially, flue gas undergoes cooling and purification to eliminate trace pollutants, paving the way for amine solvent to capture CO2 while returning clean flue gases to the environment. Subsequently, the solvent is heated with steam generated by the ERF, yielding a CO2-rich stream while regenerating the solvent for continuous absorption cycles. Finally, the captured CO2 undergoes dehydration and compression, yielding a nearly pure CO2 stream ready for utilization in product creation or storage.

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