Jaguar Land Rover Agree to Build Giga-Factory in Somerset

The owner of Jaguar Land Rover (Tata) has agreed to build a new factory near Bridgwater, Somerset. Tata has stated that 4 billion pounds will be invested in the site, which is planned to be production ready by 2026. The factory will be a large part of the Gravity Smart Campus – a low-carbon business park, the first of its kind in the UK. The site is a former Royal Ordinance Factory and is 616 acres in size and has been unused for years. Location-wise, the area lies specifically between the villages of Puriton and Woolavington, just outside of Bridgwater.

The new factory will initially make batteries for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, such as the Jaguar and Velar range, with a plan to supply other manufacturers once it is up and running. Many of these batteries may be used in electric vehicles, supporting the UK’s aim to move across to this vehicle fuel type to reduce its carbon footprint. It has been stated that this announcement will generate 4,000 jobs and there will be improved infrastructure in and around the campus. This includes improved walking, bus, cycling, and driving routes + potential for an improved rail and freight link.

Tata had been in discussions for months with the UK and another foreign government regarding where they would choose to build the factory. It is understood that Rishi Sunak’s government has provided a considerable financial incentive to Tata to seal the deal. This is likely to be in the form of energy discounts, cash grants, and funding to aid research and development/training of the future labour force. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has said this is vital for the UK in keeping up with the rest of the world’s electric battery production rates.

Custom Labels are right on the doorstep of this new factory, we are in fact less than 2 miles away as the crow flies, so this is very relevant news. We have supplied Jaguar Land Rover in the past, producing large heavy-duty asset tags for machinery in their production facilities in the UK and in Slovakia. These tags included a full-colour logo, with a colour match and a QR code for efficiency and to be scanned at the point of use. The tag type that we used for this application was an UltraTuff, which is available here. This tag type was perfect in a manufacturing environment due to its robust scratch-proof laminate + strong adhesive and resistance to chemicals/abrasion.

We can also offer various other labels that can be used in production and manufacturing environments, such as Jaguar Land Rover’s. This includes asset tags, calibration labels, warranty labels, graphic overlays and fascia’s, product labels and many more. If you are interested in seeing a sample pack of our varied range of products, please fill out this form and we will be happy to provide you with some examples of our work free of charge.