Royal Mail Stamps Changing Over to New Barcode Variant.

The traditional Royal Mail Stamp had a deadline of 31st January 2023 before they were no longer to be accepted as a form of payment/to select the service type. From this date, if a letter is sent with one on then they will pick up on this and issue a surcharge which needs to be paid before the letter can be delivered. However, the Royal Mail has now issued a 6 month grace period for the public to use up any existing stamps which may be in circulation. No more will be sold from January 31st, 2023 though.

The old traditional stamps will be replaced by a new barcoded variant available to purchase from February 1st, 2023. This contains a QR code for which a video can be inserted by the customer – this could be used too, for example, to insert a video happy birthday message. The Royal Mail has called this ‘innovative’ and that it represents the widespread usage of smartphones, along with the increase in usage of QR codes.

Custom Labels Ltd is able to print many different types of barcode labels, including code 39, code 128, and EAN-13, along with many others. The most popular type of code at the moment though would be a QR code. We print thousands of labels incorporating this every single day due to their dynamic ability to include more detailed and advanced information, in comparison to a standard barcode.

A QR Code is a 2D code that was initially developed in Japan, it can be used to link to a number, a website link, larger amounts of text, or even to a separate app/bit of software. The scanner will look for the 3 dots in the corners of the code to register what the contents may be. These are printed in black as standard, but they can be printed in a variety of colours, as long as the code stands out from the background to be identifiable by a barcode scanner.

We can print a QR code onto every type of label that we offer here at Custom Labels and businesses have purchased these in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Construction: to contain detailed and large information about an asset/service history.
  • Promotional: to provide a link to the website.
  • IT: providing a scan of the visual asset number to save time/avoid the unreliability of typing out a number into a database.
  • Security: providing a link to fill out details of a stolen item on a particular item (for example a bike).

For free QR code samples and a quotation, please fill out this contact form and explain your requirements. A member of our sales team will then get back to you in due course. We are also available on 01278 433800 or