Some of the UK’s leading supermarkets are stepping up in their attempts to reduce plastic packaging waste on everyday commodities. This is vital in helping to reduce carbon output; something that Custom Labels regards as very important moving forward.

Tesco has agreed and commissioned plans to use cardboard recyclable packaging for their laundry detergent pods, instead of their unrecyclable plastic containers that were used before. The new packaging will be over 90% cardboard but will contain a liner inside to protect the pods. This liner is the only part of the packaging which will not be recyclable, but it is necessary to protect the actual product inside. The supermarket chain estimates that this will help to remove over 250 tons of plastic from their sold goods, which will have a hugely positive impact.

Likewise, Sainsbury’s has also been looking at ways to reduce plastic and has concentrated their recent efforts on packaging for beef mince. In a UK first, they have ditched the relatively standard plastic container for a vacuum-packed alternative. The packaging is smaller in size, making it easier to store the goods; which also lasts longer as there is no oxygen at all in the finished pack. Sainsbury’s is at the forefront of change in this industry and is looking to reduce their plastic usage on home brand packaging by half within the next 2 years. Sainsbury’s was also the first supermarket in the UK to remove all plastic bags from loose bakery, fruit, and veg products.

Custom Labels Ltd has been taking inspiration from the above and has looked at an initial area where we can easily reduce the amount of unrecyclable plastic that we are using. The area that we have identified is our packaging/dispatch process, we previously used a reasonable amount here to make sure that our goods were delivered protected while also looking professional at the same time. We have now managed to successfully source and replace all non-recyclable plastic consumables in this area, without any compromise to the durability of the final packaged box/carton. Custom Labels will look to target more areas this year to reduce our carbon output further.

We also have a contract with a local waste company that fulfills a zero-to-landfill promise, it is important to us to responsibly deal with all the waste that we produce. Furthermore, we are ISO14001:2015 certified, this is the environmental management accreditation – this shows our commitment to putting the environment first in all business processes/practices, whilst actively setting targets to reduce our carbon output.

Custom Labels offer paper labels for a wide variety of product… These may be simple everyday commodities such as honey jars, CBD oil bottles, and vape bottles; or something more technical, such as electrical products. We also offer Polypropylene, Vinyl, or Polyester for much more rigorous applications. Please contact us today to enquire; we will gladly offer our advice, plus samples and quotations.