A new study by Peugeot UK has revealed which Christmas markets are the most accessible if you own an EV car. Peugeot included the top 14 Christmas markets in the UK within their findings The survey looked at a couple of factors – firstly, how many public charging points were offered within a 3-mile radius of the market; the available charging speeds from the charging points; the amount of accommodation that included free charging facilities on site. The research then also investigated how many of the markets could be reached on one single charge of the new Peugeot e-208s. This model has a 225-mile range and they calculated how many of the UK’s 15 most populated cities could reach each Christmas market (if the city was the starting point).

Manchester Christmas market was found to be the most accessible Christmas market in the UK. It is accessible from 14 of the most populated cities in the UK, with only a single charge; it also has the highest number of charging stations – including 16 rapid charging points. Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas markets scored in second place, with Leeds coming in a commendable third place. If you based the competition solely on EV-focused accommodation options, then York would have topped the table with 19 different options. Julie David, Managing Director of Peugeot UK stated that ‘distance and charging infrastructure will play an important role in determining where drivers head this Christmas’.

Custom Labels have a perfect solution for asset labelling EV charging points. We have provided our Ultimate Asset Label to multiple companies who produce EV charging points, to track and manage their assets in the field securely. This label type is perfect for this application as it will handle all weather conditions for many years in situ + the 3M adhesives used are perfect for adhering to all joint painted metal surfaces.

Custom Labels wish all of our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year. We will shut down the factory on 23rd December and then reopen on 3rd January at 08:00. We have also updated our website with a Christmas theme to share the spirit of this period. Furthermore, we are enclosing free gift to/from labels with every order that we send out between now and our Christmas shutdown – these have already been going out with orders since the start/mid of November.

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